A Guide To Buying Mattress Online

Buying a mattress online has never been this easy as you can just look into the specifications of the product and buy a mattress online. Buying a mattress online is always easy on the pocket, saves time as most people have a busy schedule and it is convenient for anyone who does not have the time to travel. 

You can verify the product through customer reviews and ratings given online and do not need to physically verify the product by visiting the store. 

Buying a mattress online may be dubious as one may not be sure of the quality, width, and depth of the product but with Jolaali you can eliminate the issues without the need to worry about online mattress shopping. 

Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Mattress Online 

Some of the very important factors that you need to consider while you make an online purchase of a mattress from the Jolaali store. 

[1] Know Your Body Type

Whenever you are buying a mattress you must consider your body type first and consult a sleep expert who can help you to choose the suitable mattress with a required firmness and width. Sometimes the body needs a firm, mild or even a hard mattress to ensure a deep sleep also considering your comfort or any other medical conditions. 

[2] Perfect Foaming To Contour Your Body 

There are different types of foams in the market that help in contouring your body shape and give a bouncy feel to your body while you sleep. Some of the different types of foam are natural latex, springs, memory foam, synthetic latex, PU foam etc. Memory foam mattress contours to the shape of the body and does not get saggy that easily.

[3] Ensuring Hygiene And Sanitization 

When you buy a mattress online a very important factor that should be kept in mind is the hypoallergenic feature of the mattress. One must ensure that the mattress eliminates the growth of bacteria or fungus and keeps your sleep healthy, fresh, and hygienic. 

You must check the manufacturing and sanitization policy of the mattress, the packing of the product, and the materials used in making the mattress before buying a mattress online. 

[4] Consider The Right Measurement Of Your Bed 

When you buy a mattress online you may find difficulty in choosing the right size of it. Jolaali helps you to take the measurement of your bed through a video consultation where you can also customize the mattress as per your requirement and shape. 

[5] Read the Customer Reviews

Going through customer reviews and ratings is a very important criteria for buying a mattress online. When you read the reviews or feedback of other customers about the product it helps you to make better decisions and reduces your labor of trying and testing the brand. 


When buying a mattress online it is as safe as buying from a store and buying online has certain perks. It allows an in-home experience, sleep trials, and low-risk experience for sleep. Online buying a mattress allows you to get detailed information about the product online, competitive prices, and do product comparisons.  

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