Complete Guide On How To Choose Your Perfect Mattress

Are you looking to buy a new and suitable mattress for yourself? 

You might have a hard time figuring out which  mattress size is right for you if this is your first time. Jolaali has a wide range of mattresses within budget-friendly options for every size, shape, design, and material. 

This blog serves as a mattress guide or buying mattress guide that highlights the need to choose the perfect mattress, different types of mattresses according to your sleeping position or style and much more. 

How To Choose the Right Mattress For Yourself? 

When you come to our Jolaali store make sure that you let the salesperson know what kind of a sleeper you are. The time span you spend in a particular sleeping position is very important to understand what kind of a sleeper you are whether you sleep on your back, stomach, side, or any other ways. Jolaali salesperson shall check that your back, pressure points, and joints get enough cushioning and provide decent edge support. 

The next thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the right firmness level where you must choose whether you want a firm or soft mattress. You must check the comprehensive ratings that depict the firmness value according to the standardized scale. You can check out the model kept in the store and then compare which mattress is most comfortable for you. 

You can choose the mattress size of your choice that suits your bed, physical height, sleeping needs, and comfort level. Twin (74.5” L) = Good for anyone under 5'9” Twin XL (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6'2”, Full (74.5” L) = Good for anyone under 5'9”, Queen (79.5” L) = Suitable for anyone under 6'2”, King (79.5” L) = Good for anyone under 6'2”. 

Mattress thickness guide needs to be checked for receiving the most high-quality sleep and usually the thickness range between 8 to 14 inches. You can get mattresses from 8 to 12 inches [standard size], 12 to 16 inches [thick and tall size], and more than 16 inches [extra thick, deep, and extra tall] mattresses. 

Mattress thickness depends upon your sleeping position [side, back, combination, or stomach] sleeping. Bodyweight such as lightweight [130 pounds] requires 12 inches tall mattress or more, average weight [130 to 230 pounds] requires a 10 to 2 inches thicker mattress, and plus size sleepers [more than 230 pounds] require 12 to 14 inches mattress with 6 inches thick comfort layer, sharing the bed with a partner or sleeps alone, any specific medical condition, the height of the bed base. 

Understanding warranty is again one of the most crucial requirements that need to be met. Most warranties range from 10 to 25 years and cover only the manufacturing defects such as loose or broken coil wires. You must look for minimum trial periods and generous return policies

You must consider a Green Certification if you are sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals. If you wish to buy a mattress that has low or no VOCs then check the label of Global Organic Textile Standard [GOTS] that ensures that a mattress is made of 95% organic material. 

What Should You Do When Your Mattress Is Delivered?

After you receive the delivery of your mattress, avoid paying the full price. Take due diligence on delivery of your mattress as never take delivery if the item is already damaged. After you remove the label, keep it for future warranty claims. When you unroll a mattress-in-a-box, inspect the mattress immediately, and call customer service if anything appears wrong. Make sure you take photos of the damage in case the customer service representative asks for proof.

This mattress guide shall help you to choose the perfect mattress and sleep like a baby. A good mattress can do wonders for your sleep, and that can only be accomplished with Jolaali mattresses.

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