Hyderabad's Jolaali Custom Sofa Makers Tops the List

Your living room looks old and drab, don't you think? 

Would you like to reinvent your living space and make it more modern?

Your living area's custom sofa should reflect your personality, values, and ethics. The comfort, color, style, and functionality of a custom sofa are specifically tailored to your needs. A custom-made sofa is more artistically intricately designed and it is more durable, high-quality, and expected more longevity which is a perfect fit for your living and guest room. 

If we do not compromise the health of our family members, then why should we compromise the health of our sofa? 

Furniture and sofas should be treated with the same respect as family members as they both live with you. You can select the design, materials, size, color palette, shape, and fabric of the sofa when you place an order of sofa customization with us. 

What is Sofa Customization?

When we talk about sofa customization, it means that the sofa is designed and built as per the requirements of the customers. With Jolaali, you can just simply select the color, shape, design, and size and we can exactly create the product of your choice.

Jolaali’s Years of Experience in Sofa Customization

Jolaali has fairly more than a decade of experience in dealing with the customization of a sofa. Our lifestyle brand store is located in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad where workers are engaged in the process of creating a variety of custom sofas for clients. Our lifestyle brand store has more than 1200 fabrics and leathers from the leading brands or manufacturers that help in designing the best custom sofas or couches.

We have a bunch of expert sofa customization designers who provide the best home interior solutions and add an indigenous touch of comfort, style, class, and finesse. 

What Are The Steps To Design Jolaali Customized Sofas? 

Step 1: Decide Your Budget And Let Us Know

The cost of the sofa mainly depends upon the choice of your sofa features. Your old sofa lying in the corner of your living room can easily be given a makeover even on a limited budget. We provide sofa repair, sofa polish, sofa upholstery and general maintenance of your leather or wooden old sofa at the market price. 

Step 2: Pick Your Frame

When you finally decide the size that you want you can finally move on to the next step of finding a frame. You can explain to us what kind of sofa base you want, the foundation for your sofa, and cushioning. This step also includes the personalized design of the room where the balance is maintained between the sofa and the room. 

Step 3: Pick Your Sofa Fabric or Leather

This is the most amazing part of the sofa customization process as the fabric gets the maximum attention. The fabric must reflect your style, home decor, and personality which can turn out to be your style statement and help you grab more attention. 

Step 4: Pick Your Trim

This trim is a very essential part of sofa designing and you need to personally pick up whether you want a nailhead trim, standard or tufted trim you can also let us know if any other minute details that may go unnoticed to be changed according to your tastes. 

Step 5: Pick Your Legs

The final step in the sofa designing process includes the picking up of legs that you specifically want on your sofa. An attractive leg design on your sofa makes a lot of difference as it displays the brand features and helps you make a style statement. 

Step 6: Get Your Final Custom Sofa

You can review all the above sofa customization process steps. Now, finally, you have designed your own unique style of sofa that shall give you 100% satisfaction and comfort. The final custom sofa product which shall suit your taste and standard of living.  

Jolaali is Your Ultimate Sofa Customization Solution

Jolaali provides a wide range of designs, patterns, styles, and colors for your custom sofa. You imagine and we create it for you accordingly. You can choose from our wide range of collections, anything bright to make your room pop up to anything toned down to make your room look more sophisticated and formal. You can also choose whether you want a nail head trim or a tufted sofa as you wish and many other minor details of your sofa that often goes unnoticed.

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