What You Need To Know Before Buying A Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is a thin laminate that is used to cover the mattress to change the feel of your mattress and bed. The mattress protector not just increases the lifespan of the mattress but also adds an additional layer of comfort. This does not trap the body heat and is breathable as it keeps the mattress cool which is very beneficial for the women and children. Any mattress protector prevents any stains, bacteria or fungus from getting accumulated over the mattress which keeps it clean and hygienic and acts as a preventive measure against any skin allergies or rashes. 

What is a Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector or pad is used as a medium to add thickness and a layer of soft material for cushioning. Such a mattress protector or pad prevents any stains, odor, microbacteria, allergens, dust etc. It is highly recommended to use a mattress protector to add quality to your mattress and a cooling effect that allows you to breathe properly while you sleep comfortably. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Mattress Protector

Before buying a mattress protector you must check the different characteristics of it whether it suits your family needs or not. These are some of the factors that you must consider before buying a mattress cover. 

[1] Fabric 

You can choose the mattress protectors on the basis of the fabric. The best fabric for mattress protectors can be 100% cotton, wool [insulating], bamboo [sustainable] or polyester [affordable].  The mattress protector should be made up of 100% highly breathable organic cotton that protects against any form of moisture. A GOTS certification is a must whenever you choose a  mattress protector as it is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fabrics. It decides whether or not the fabric meets the global certified standards and has low chemical load. 

[2] Size 

You can use a tape measure to measure the depth of the mattress protector whether it is suitable for your queen, king or single size bed. 

[3] Moisture Repelling

A waterproof mattress cover is must as it absorbs the excess sweat, moisture on a rainy day and children who sweat or urinate a lot in bed. Such a waterproof cover is framed on the mattress side with a waterproof membrane that prevents moisture from soaking into the bed.  

[4] Comfort 

When you choose organic fabrics that are naturally and organically derived from the trees like eucalyptus are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The quilted covers add an additional layer of thickness and organic cotton that naturally soaks moisture. 

[5] Cost

The cost of mattress cover is also a very important factor when it comes to making an investment while buying a mattress. You can make an investment in a mattress protector depending upon your sleeping requirements. 

Why Should You Buy A Mattress Protector?

[1] You must buy a mattress protector as it allows you to sleep comfortably even on a sweaty night as it perfectly absorbs the moisture and prevents your mattress from getting any damage. 

[2] A mattress protector is always easier to clean and hygienic than cleaning a mattress which is much bulky. 

[3] Most of the mattress comes with a warranty and it only covers the manufacturer defects  such as the wear, tear, spills, stains or any other damage, all of which void the warranty. As a result of which most of the mattress manufacturers suggest you to buy a mattress protector to keep your mattress safe. 

How To Clean A Mattress Protector? 

Most of the mattress protectors are machine washable but require proper maintenance as instructed by the manufacturers before you make the final purchase. Machine wash can be done either with warm or cold water before the first use and each month it can be washed in the laundry. A well cared mattress protector lasts for two to three years. After the wash in laundry the top of the cover can be used as the bottom and vice versa and this shall help the areas of the mattress from wearing out or fraying out too soon. 

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